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According to the research, 13% of bloggers describe themselves as "entrepreneurs" (paid by companies for their posts) while an additional 8% were full-time corporate employees posting on behalf of their employers. Another 13% of bloggers report that they write to "earn extra income on the side". (This means that at least one-third of all bloggers may be posting "paid for" content!) The majority of the bloggers (61%) are hobbyists who post less frequently than daily. Just 5% characterize themselves as bonafide, professional, full-time bloggers.(Technorati)

Over half of all daily internet users read blogs at least monthly. But how many of those blogs present a statement that discloses any fees, advertising support or other forms of consideration that might be biasing their opinions and recommendations? Ask BlogDog.com

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If you read blogs... and depend upon their advice... you need to know when you're reading independent opinions and when you're reading a posting a blogger has been paid for. BlogDog will tell you!

Interested in learning how objective a blogger might be in his/her Blog? Type the Blog's name and learn what BlogDog knows about the Blog. It's free to search for any Blog or to ask for suggestions for trustworthy blogs in a particular category.

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